I come to a condition that I have a client who asks me to design a website. I consider it as a project and I receive it. Actually, I still learn about designing websites. Since the client can trust me, I can use this opportunity to make me learn more about websites. Besides, I have an obsession to run a business related to websites. And I think this is the time for me to start the action.

Still with the same client, I have got another project. The idea for the project came from the father of my ex private student. His job is related to journalism, media, and some other creative industries. I will become his assistant. From this project, I hope I can learn about the creative industries including how to do the video editing. Then I have a business idea. I hope I can use at least my skill on video editing to start a business on event organizer to handle some simple birthday parties for children.

These are how we make our projects become our business ideas.