I am happy to get my first client for my second business. I want to run the business on website and online marketing with SEO (search engine optimization). Moreover, I still have two friends who have their own businesses. I can offer them to become my clients.

I will be busy to run two businesses but I like to do that. I have to manage my time to make these two businesses run smoothly. I also plan to increase my businesses. I hope each of my businesses will become bigger.

I still have other businesses which are waiting for getting started. I hope one of them will begin in July this year. I will be really busy. However, I am happy.

One purpose of the whole businesses I have is for giving chances to other people become succeeded together in the right way.

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We always hear that we have to fight for our lives. There are many right ways we can try to make our lives better. However, in the process to get a better life, someone might have to face difficulties. It is possible that the difficulties can make everyone upset. Then some people decide to give up and do not want to try any more.

Actually we can find one hundred and one even more ways to keep us trying to get successful lives. There are people around us who like to encourage and support us. Although we surely need ourselves to become active in making our success, we can consider other people encouragement and support to trigger us to continue trying.

We can choose positive activities in our lives. We can develop ourselves through this. If we do it consistently we can find what we need for our success.

Therefore, we do not have to give up. There are many positive activities as well as people who are waiting for you to succeed. I hope we all become successful people.

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Actually education cannot separated from the business. Both of them have connections. But I don’t know why there are parents who do not want their children to learn about business from their young ages.

Let’s talk about the education at schools. The students can learn how the schools can exist and continue to develop. The schools have some incomes including from the students’ payment. These incomes will be needed to pay the teachers, school employees, building maintenance, and the school development cost. The students will know how to manage a school and this kind of management is related to business.

I agree with some schools which have some programs on entrepreneurship. The students can imagine themselves when they have to run businesses. The events will directly become training programs for the students who can use their business skills for their future.

I will support the entrepreneurship programs for all people.

We can more easily help each other if we become entrepreneurs.

How about you?

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There are many opinions about the human brain. We probably know about right and left brains. It means that the human brain is divided into two parts, i.e. right brain and left brain. The right brain relates to the relaxing activities. While the left brain is responsible to think logically.

Nowadays there is another part inside the human brain. Actually there is a middle brain. This kind of brain can help the owner to maximize the work of the whole brain.

I am interested in discussing the human brain since I would like to design courses for children as well as for the adults. I hope that we can optimize our brain according to the findings from the experts.

Let us wait for the further information.

I have started my business. It is related to electric vouchers for mobile phones. I like this business because of some reasons.

Firstly, this business can begin with little investment. I can arrange how much money I want to invest for this business.

Secondly, I can help people with a little investment to start this business. They can have the business with a little money. I am happy to make these people happy.

Thirdly, when this business increases rapidly, I will need an employee to take care of it with my supervision. It means that I will be able to give someone a job. Then I have to find someone whom I can trust to become my employee.

I hope you can enjoy doing a business.

Please wait for my other articles.

Thank you for your time to read this article.

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