I have restarted my business on selling the electric vouchers for mobile phones. The good news is that the electric vouchers are provided for more various products than before. There are electric vouchers for online games and electricity.

I offer this business to my relatives and friends. Actually it is a kind of small and simple business. However, if we can do it consistently, it is not impossible that we can get much profit from it. I am glad that some relatives and friends would like to try running this business.

There are many ways to develop the business on selling electric vouchers. We can propose some companies which provide mobile phone vouchers for their employees. We can also try to cooperate with the online game cafe for the vouchers.

Be creative in developing businesses. Do not give up. And good luck for all of you.


Every field in humans’ life needs innovation. We can make development each year because of innovation. We can simplify our lives because of innovation. In reality, we can do the innovation through our creative activities.

Creativity can be built by many ways. We mustn’t give up to improve our creations in many fields. We can use our hobbies to trigger many creative ideas. By doing this, we can more easily think of an innovation.

Let us try to do this continually.

Problem Solving

I come to a condition that I have a client who asks me to design a website. I consider it as a project and I receive it. Actually, I still learn about designing websites. Since the client can trust me, I can use this opportunity to make me learn more about websites. Besides, I have an obsession to run a business related to websites. And I think this is the time for me to start the action.

Still with the same client, I have got another project. The idea for the project came from the father of my ex private student. His job is related to journalism, media, and some other creative industries. I will become his assistant. From this project, I hope I can learn about the creative industries including how to do the video editing. Then I have a business idea. I hope I can use at least my skill on video editing to start a business on event organizer to handle some simple birthday parties for children.

These are how we make our projects become our business ideas.